It’s so much easier to work when there’s no clutter around to distract you.

In your office start by developing a filing system so that everything is put away the minute you finish with it.  Then you can easily find it again.

Helen McIntosh, in her new book Operations Genie suggests creating files for each major part of your business eg. Marketing, Products, Finances, Staff and Administration. Don’t create too many of these. Then within each of these files you have lots of folders (you can do the same with computer files).

Inside Marketing, you might have social media, artwork and blogs for example.  You can create another folder for anything that has been done and is finished with.

Each folder will be named and filed alphabetically or by number or type of file.  So if you handle leases, it could be named LEASE – ADAMS A. JANUARY 2018 or ADAMS A. _LEASE 2018.

Next week:  A simple system for organising your bills and payments.

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